Story Elements Catching Fire

This is my last post for Catching Fire, the next one (Connections) will be done on Stormbreaker.

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Story Elements


Primary Conflict


 The primary conflict is definetly how Katniss and Peeta first cause the uprising in District 8 and that makes the whole Capitol really mad.







The exposition of the story is when Katniss and Peeta are on the Victory Tour, traveling to the districts.
Inciting Force




The part of the story that sets everything in motion is when Katniss starts the uprising in District 8 and that turns the Capitol on her.
Summary of Rising Action

(2-3 sentences)

 The rising action events would include, when Peeta and Katniss are called to perform in the Quarter Quell and also when President Snow tells Katniss that if she doesn’t sell her love to the Capitol than people will die.











The turning point of this story is when Katniss is laying down and Johanna comes up and supposedly attacks Katniss but really Johanna is just trying to take out the Tracker Jacker that is in Katniss arm which is leading other tributes to her.

Resolution of Conflict


Katniss wakes up and she is with the Head Gamemaker and realizes that Peeta had been taken by the capitol and Gale had told her about how the Capitol bombed District 12 and there is no longer a district 12.



Point of View



The point of view in this story is first person and the author is looking out of the eyes of Katniss Everdeen.



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